Here you’ll find the amazing success stories of CASBO members just like you so you can learn from, and perhaps emulate, their journeys.

She’s made it her passion to help cultivate the
next generation of school business leaders.

Lisa Konarski’s passion for writing took her from marketing to loss control analyst to superintendent. She may not have pursued her dream to become a screenwriter, but she found a career that helps foster the education for thousands of students. She’s made it her passion to help cultivate the next generation of school business leaders.

Lisa loves what she does and plans to spend the remaining years of her career continuing her work with CASBO.

Her mother’s words stuck with her as she ventured into a career as a school business official.

Like many, Nina Boyd thought about several career options growing up. She watched her mom study late nights, juggling it all, to get her degree and provide for the family. Needless to say, Nina’s mom left a lasting impression in Nina’s mind.

In an interview with Nina Boyd, she reveals just how much her mother’s words stuck with her as she ventured into a career as a school business official and how CASBO helped her career flourish.

Do you love technology? Not like Thomas Tan.

His career is focused on how technology can benefit students, enhance their education and help school business professionals do their jobs better and faster. By listening to the needs of students and staff and working to meet them through technology, he’s created an incredible working environment for his organization.

And he’s just warming up.


“If you want to commit your life to be a professional in anything [in school business], I think CASBO is one of those organizations you want to be a part of. It helps [you] support yourself, but in the end you find yourself really supporting other people.”


Do you remember what career you dreamed about when you were growing up—an astronaut, firefighter or maybe a teacher?

Like many of us, you may not have known what a school business official was, and you may be wondering where your career goes from here. You’re not alone.

At CASBO, we believe connections create careers. It is through these relationships, that many of us learn about new opportunities within our career. In the story of CASBO Vice President Tina Douglas, we learn just how important these connections can be.


“CASBO has provided me opportunities that I wouldn’t otherwise have had. I get to meet people from throughout the state and network with them, see what they’re doing; that in and of itself has been priceless.”


Ever sat in the cockpit with
the pilot of an airplane?

Michael Krause has. As a kid, this inspired him to become a pilot. Sometimes life happens, and we have to pivot our dreams. In an interview with Michael, we see a perfect example of overcoming obstacles and taking advantage of resources to foster a rewarding career.

With over 25 years in the organization,
some might say he’s a CASBO legend.

“I always tell people: CASBO is the way up in school business,” said Vincent Christakos, retired school business official from Redlands, California.

Learn what he reveals as the secret to a fulfilling career in school business.

His interests changed from building with Legos to math and problem solving.

Eric Dill imagined a creative career as an architect. But his interest fluctuated more than he could have anticipated. In an interview with Eric, he shares just how important fostering connections and seeking mentorships can be to creating a career.

CASBO President Rich De Nava fancied himself becoming an L.A. Laker.

Today, his career in school business is a slam dunk. Ultimately, it was his connections that led him to his current career.


“If you want to develop your network, get involved in CASBO right away. It’s been about really exposing myself to not just what I’m doing but what others are doing, to be able to better be a servant to them as far as helping them do their jobs well.”


Ever met someone who truly loves waking up and going to work every day?

That’s former CASBO President Molly Schlange. She believes in the people that make us CASBO.


“I really don’t know [if] you could survive in this industry without the network of CASBO and the folks that are a part of CASBO. The people make this organization; it’s the members, it’s the staff, it’s the board. It’s all of us together.”


Connections Create Careers

We challenge you to seek opportunities to share your skills, stories and success with fellow members so we can continue to cultivate our growing community.

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